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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

We must ensure that we put our fragile and important ecosystems first as an equitable balance of decision making for the future health of our Islands
The disparities I faced as a young child in terms of resources and support growing up through the sister Islands’ public school and the elected politicians’ blatant lack of public consideration when it comes to infrastructure and drastic social matters has been the leading factor of me wanting to pursue Law and Politics in my higher educational journey. I am genuinely concerned and honestly slightly scared that future generations of Caymanians and residents will suffer as a result of the greed and hasty decisions of our government today. If an environmental assessment report isn’t even considered for a crucial area naturally protecting grand cayman, I’m afraid to see what the government will continue to develop in the future without being held accountable by the community and environmental protective laws.
Awareness of project impacts are imperative to take into consideration
Registered Voters MUST have a seat at the table, their concerns should not be ignored. Development must not trump our collective quality of life and that of future generations.
I believe people come here for the natural beauty of the island. We need to protect our home!!! As a caymanian I'm so heartbroken to see the trees transformed into more flat road. We need more protected areas!!!
There is no legal status to a bunch of parliamentarians spouting a general mantra.
Please remember Hurricane Ivan! Wetlands are vital for storm protection and for a healthy eco system and fish population
The Cayman Islands Government has blatantly shown us that they will exhaust options A through Z to skirt before considering putting time and resources into an effect solution for this issue. There is a massive divide in our country…once again over protecting our natural habitat and survival. Was the public’s outcry about the Cruise Port expansion not a show of our disapproval? They will do every thing else other than 1. Solve our issue with traffic and means of travel 2. Consult with credible experts who may have a better solution to this crisis 3. Shown us that they will use white lies to push an agenda for expanding development. I want a government that will be truthful of this equation they have been pushing for a long time: roads = development + money. While they have the means to escape from their choices, the common man no matter the background, political view or creed. We will suffer at the hands of their poor guidance. Once more.
We need to learn and teach moderation and awareness of our environment and ecosystems
Property owner, and heartbroken at the greed and despoliation
It shouldn't even be a question that an EIA is 100% required when dealing with environmentally sensitive lands. The fact that these things are debated shows how far we are from where we need to be.
We are on a road from forest to country to suburb to strip development ugly city . Must stop now.



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