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Press Release | South Sound Nature Park & Wildlife Corridor


Sustainable Cayman reveal groundbreaking proposal

for a Nature Park and Community Trail

A month-long survey in March 2021 conducted by Amplify Cayman to obtain public opinion on local and global environmental issues impacting Cayman highlighted the views of the people/community and decisions made by the Government with regards to development.

Encouragingly, respondents felt that environmental planning and community engagement could be improved with over 95% of respondents supporting national and neighbourhood plans, with effective consultation processes. The national planning framework ("NPF") was drafted, to ensure fit-for-purpose infrastructure and spaces for people, commerce and nature are created in future. Area plans under the NPF are intended to implement key objectives and offer area-specific variations to meet the needs of a particular district. Public engagement is a key part of the process and with the completion of the 7-Mile Corridor Plan, the next area plan being considered is George Town.

With this in mind, Sustainable Cayman are pleased to present their concept proposal for a Mangrove Nature Park and Tarpon Alley Trail as part of an overall wildlife corridor scheme for the south sound basin which is based in the district of George Town East. The project is a nature based approach across multi-disciplinary targets of tackling climate resiliency, infrastructure needs, social development, education, health and well-being, tourism and science. A project that puts the community, both young and old, at the centre of it's ethos, showcasing our incredible biodiversity and providing a cornerstone project for the benefit of our citizens and visitors.

The City of Sanibel in Florida is often hailed as having progressive and effective planning regulations for sympathetic development within mangrove areas which are also supported by the real estate sector and developers. With our comparative climate and ecology then perhaps similar strategies and partnerships will be as effective for the Cayman Islands as we move to practising more sustainable behaviour and address climate resiliency.

The proposal has been forwarded to members of parliament as well as the Cayman Islands Mangrove Rangers. Martin Keely, Programme Education Manager for the CIMR said "This is precisely the kind of integrated project we need for Cayman. Not only does it help conserve critical mangrove habitat with all its ecological values, it also provides added natural benefits like wildlife corridors - a well established concept found through the world which will enable the species using mangroves to survive."


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