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Cayman Islands community: vocalize that Environmental Impact Assessments should be performed in relation to major capital projects that will affect the health of our fragile coastal lagoon ecosystems which must be conserved -- in particular, the Central Mangrove Wetlands.

Developments that affect these ecosystems would gravely impact us, as we rely on healthy mangroves, seagrasses, and wetlands for food security, weather regulation, supporting our economy, storm protection, biodiversity, and leisure -- these are only a few of the many benefits of these resources that form parts of our culture and support our collective quality of life when safeguarded.

At present, there are government proposals to construct a highway, the East-West Arterial extension through the nationally important Central Mangrove Wetlands, and to extend the Owen Roberts International Airport into the North Sound lagoon-- both would negatively impact the health of these eco-systems, which rely on a healthy North Sound for tourism, food security, and leisure; components that form part of our culture and which benefit our collective quality of life.

→ Amplify Cayman call on those who value Cayman to DEMAND that Parliament respect our Acts and Constitution to conduct and enforce Environmental Impact Assessments when our coastal environments are subject to development.

I, _____________________________, a *Caymanian/Permanent Resident/Work Permit Holder/Visitor (circle one) am signing this petition on ____________________ 2023.

(complete *checkboxes below)

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Petition respondents’ demographic data will not be stored or leveraged unethically, and will be presented to Cabinet for the purposes of providing factual data on respondents' demands for our Acts and Constitution to be upheld in relation to the planned development through our coastal lagoon ecosystems. Please note that your email address will not be included in the final data to Cabinet. We encourage civil servants to be empowered to participate in supporting democracy.

An Environmental Impact Assessment must be conducted for Sections 2 and 3 of the East-West Arterial Extension *

❑ Agree ❑ Disagree ❑ Neutral

An Environmental Impact Assessment must be conducted for any/all projects that may negatively impact the North Sound such as the proposed runway extension *

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Modernised public transport system, regulated private school buses and ride sharing should be prioritised over roads *

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