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to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity):

to increase the strength or amount of especially: to make louder 

Who We Are

amplify Cayman is a fully community-invested group of diverse and civic-minded Cayman residents, who wish to participate in the decision-making processes that impact all of us. 


What We Do

amplify Cayman has three main functions:


1- as a think-tank amplify Cayman will utilise local, regional and international knowledge, expertise & research, using best practices to offer advice, ideas and proposals on multiple issues, building a sustainable and equitable Cayman for all. 


2. as an awareness and education platform, amplify Cayman will seek to educate our community on key issues, raise awareness of the centrality of Cayman’s natural environment to the health and wellbeing of the people and nature of the Cayman Islands, including disseminating key information found in local reports, assessments and studies, to empower the average citizen to better understand findings. 

3- as an advocacy group, amplify Cayman will promote accountability of elected officials and work to enhance political involvement at all levels of society by promoting education, awareness and action 

How to get Involved

amplify Cayman is open to all residents of the Cayman Islands wishing to contribute towards a better, sustainable, equitable Cayman for this and other generations to come.


To join email:  
The time for your VOICE is NOW.

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