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send a letter to your elected representative Demand Democracy Over Destruction

Dear Elected Member,

I write to express my concerns about recent proposals to extend the East-West Arterial Extension and the Owen Roberts International Airport through our wetlands and seagrasses.

Please, uphold democracy and don’t approve the destruction of our coastal lagoon ecosystems. Please, do not make decisions as though environmental protections are burdens, as our community, culture, and economy depend upon our environment – for tourism, clean air and water, food production, resiliency during storms and hurricanes, and so much more.

The PACT Government pledged to protect the environment and deliver a more sustainable plan to mitigate the effects of overdevelopment and climate change. Continuing destructive development disrespects this pledge, as well as the vital socio-economic and environmental protections in our Acts.

I urge you to do all you can to uphold the tenets of the National Conservation Act and to appoint members to the National Conservation Council, and for your fellow MPs and chief officers to follow the advice of the Department of Environment’s experts in relation to developments in our coastal environments.


Concerned Citizen

Email the above open letter to your Member of Parliament:

West Bay Central - Katherine Ebanks-Wilks -

West Bay North - Bernie Bush -

West Bay South - Andre Ebanks -

West Bay West - McKeeva Bush -

George Town North - Joey Hew -

George Town Central - Kenneth Bryan -

George Town South - Barbara Conolly -

George Town West - David Wight -

George Town East - Roy McTaggart -

Prospect - Sabrina Turner -

Red Bay - Alden McLaughlin -

Savannah - Heather Bodden -

Newlands - Wayne Panton -

Bodden Town East - Dwayne Seymour -

Bodden Town West - Chris Saunders -

North Side - Jay Ebanks -

East End - Isaac Rankine -

Cayman Brac East - Juliana O’Connor-Connolly -

Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman - Moses Kirkconnell -


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